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Rent the Marcell Family Center for your Next Event!

The Marcell Family Center offers an ideal venue for a variety of events...weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, bridal and baby showers, and many more.

Spaces include a Large Event room, Gymnasium, Food preparation/Meeting Room and more.

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 Marcell Family Center User Registration, Guiding Principles,

and Rental Rates

 The Mission of the Marcell Family Center is to make a positive impact on individuals in the surrounding rural area by providing an environment for wholesome educational, cultural, fine arts, and recreational activities.

 The guidelines that follow apply to all who enter and engage in the activities, programs and functions available at the Marcell Family Center (hereafter referred to as MFC or Center):

     Terms for Rental of the Marcell Family Center:

      Interested parties must read through this form and agree to all of its terms by signing the enclosed rental agreement form. Signing and returning the rental agreement form and receiving approval from Center staff are prerequisites for renting the facility and must be completed before any rental is approved or takes place.

     Please leave the facility as you found it unless requested otherwise by an official representative of the MFC. This includes turning off lights, locking doors, putting chairs and tables back to their original order, returning supplies and equipment, etc. The gym thermostat should be kept at 62 degrees unless specified otherwise.

     Rental Hour Limits:                   7:00 A.M. to 12:30 A.M.

     Firearms, knives, and similar instruments with potential to inflict bodily harm are not permitted on or near the premises, unless, prior approval has been granted by an authorized representative of the Board.

     You must be 16 years of age or older to enter the gym during open gym periods unless accompanied by an adult and/or a MFC staff representative. We request that you wear clean shoes and sweep the floor if needed.  Please refrain from bringing food or beverages into the gym area. No spitting or hanging on rims!

     The Board may, at its sole discretion, require a law enforcement representative at certain functions. If required, fees associated with this service may become the responsibility of the renter.

     Excessive damage and/or misuse of the facility that results in the need for exceptional maintenance, as determined by the Board, may be billed to the user at the time of occurrence or a deposit may be retained.

        Decorations: No glitter, confetti or natural trees will be allowed unless cleared by the Marcell Family Center Director.  No wall decorations will be allowed that will mar or otherwise damage the surface of the walls.  Candles may be used only if they are in self-contained containers.

     Smoking:  The Marcell Family Center is a smoke-free facility in its entirety.

     Reading these guidelines and signing the enclosed rental agreement establishes a binding agreement between the renter and the Center and is a required provision to renting the Center.

 Alcohol:  Alcohol during use will be governed under a different policy and registration form, please contact the Marcell Family Center Director/staff for more details.

 Rates:  The following rates will apply:

Room or Space

Amount of People

Rate for up to 4 hours

Rate for 4+ hours

Multi-purpose Room

0 - 50



Multi-purpose Room

51 +



Food prep./Meeting Room

0 - 50



Food prep./Meeting Room

51 +







Computer Room[1]




Entire Center

0 - 50



Entire Center

51 +



[1] Special restrictions apply, details need to be cleared by MFC Director

 Daily rentals of the Marcell Family Center will be allowed for personal use, celebrations, rummage sales, craft/bake sales, family gatherings, community ed classes, and other events or occasions.

 Final rates may still be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking various factors into consideration.  The Marcell Family Center Director and/or Board of Directors will have the final decision for all rates.

Deposits: A $100.00 rental and cleaning deposit will be collected upon signing the rental agreement.  The Marcell Family Center will return this deposit upon inspection and approval of the condition of the Center.  The total deposit will not be returned if the Center has not been cleaned according to the cleaning checklist provided.  The total deposit will also not be returned if any keys issued are not returned. (This deposit does not apply to regular group users of the Center.) A $50.00 fee will be retained by the Center for groups who reserve the Center and do not show up at their registered time or who do not cancel 48 hours in advance of the scheduled reservation. Exceptions will be at the sole discretion of the Marcell Family Center Director. The amounts of these fees are determined by the Marcell Family Center Director and Board of Directors and are subject to change.  Everything is to be cleaned up and anything the renter brings in is to be removed at the end of rental hours. The opening and closing of facility will be arranged by MFC staff.

We also require Credit Card information for a damage deposit, see page 4.

Marcell Family Center

Rental Agreement

Name of Person(s)/Group renting facility: _____________________________________

Contact Name for Group:__________________________________________

 Contact Phone Number:________________________

Date(s) of use:______________________________            

Time(s) of use:_________________

 Purpose Facility will be used for: _____________________________________________________

 Number of individuals attending this event: _________________

Areas of Center to be used: (check all that apply)

Multi-purpose Room:______   Food prep./Meeting Room:______  

Classroom:______ Computer Room: ______ Gymnasium ______

Additional needs or comments: ______________________________________________


It is understood and agreed that the renter and/or chaperones assume full responsibility for any damages to the building and furnishings during the hours of rental.  HOLD HARMLESS: You hereby release the Center, its owners, officers, directors, employees and agents, to the full extent permitted by law from all claims of every kind, direct, consequential or otherwise; including loss of life, personal or bodily injury, arising directly, or indirectly, out of or from your use of the Center and its facilities. You also agree to defend and indemnify the Center free and harmless from any and all such claims, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, in any way relating thereto. This indemnification and hold harmless provision shall survive the termination of this Agreement and/or your membership of the Center.

Signature(s) of renter(s) ______________________________________

Signature(s) of Marcell Family Center Representative(s)        


Damage Deposit:

The customer/renter is liable for all losses and damages caused by misuse, theft, carelessness or negligence. The Marcell Family Center retains the right to collect security/damage payment information prior to the rental in the event of damages occurring during the rental. No funds will be collected so long as there is no theft, damage to property, fixtures, or equipment.

By signing this form the customer/renter agrees to all conditions outlined on the form.

Credit Card #:______________________________

Card Type & Exp Date:______________________

3 Digit Code #:__________________

Name As Printed On Card:


The opening and closing of facility will be arranged by MFC staff.

Marcell Family Center

Renter Cleaning Checklist

Turn off all lights (don’t forget to check the bathrooms)

Close and lock all windows

Lock doors

Multi-purpose Room and Gymnasium

Wipe up any mud, spills, etc on floor

Clean any marks on walls, doors, etc.

Return tables and chairs to their original position

Place garbage in trash cans and in dumpster if needed and if a key was provided

        Bathrooms (upstairs and/or down)

Wipe down sinks and countertops

Make sure all dry towels or toilet paper is in the trash

Flush toilets

Food prep./Meeting Room

Wipe down stove and oven

Clean sink and countertops

Wipe microwave inside and out

Clean coffee pot if used

Wipe down cupboards

Wipe down refrigerator inside and out

Sweep floor


[1] Special restrictions apply, details need to be cleared by MFC Director

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