Embark on The Edge of the Wilderness

The adventurous voyageurs of nearly 300 years ago discovered it and now you can, too -- The Edge of the Wilderness National Scenic Byway. Welcome to Highway 38, one of the first 20 designated National Scenic Byways.

Celebrate our northern hospitality, hometown pride and the treasures of our natural heritage. Minnesota, midway between America's east and west coast, is the home to 12,000 lakes. It is filled with beautiful country and all the pleasures of the four seasons. The Edge osawf the Wilderness is the rustic slice of this great state, with more than 1,000 lakes and one mighty river nearby, all in landscapes of remarkable natural beauty. There are still more trees than people here -- offering you classic northwoods seclusion. The Edge offers some of Minnesota's most popular fishing, camping, trail, winter sports and resort opportunities.
Take a fresh look! Whether you are a newcomer, longtime resort visitor or local resident, The Edge of the Wilderness offers a unique environment of clear lakes, vast shorelines and hills blanketed in hardwood forests and northern pineries. At the Edge, we are acting as stewards of the environment while also sustaining a viable commerce in forest produces. From the earliest Indians to the immigrants that inhabit our land, learn about the people who have chosen to live and work on The Edge.


Discovery Sites:
Along The Edge of the Wilderness Scenic Byway, we've selected places where you can discover the hidden natural and cultural history of northern Minnesota. As you drive the Byway, look on the east side of the road for green reference point markers approximately one mile apart. These can assist you in navigating your way along the Byway. Also look for The Edge Byway signs and reference numbers along the roadway alerting you to the next Discovery Site just ahead.

Driving Time:
Take a few minutes at one Discovery Site or the entire day to navigate all the Discovery Sites. The Edge of the Wilderness Scenic Byway is 47 miles long and the average driving speed is approximately 40 mph.

Along the Byway and in the communities along the route, you'll find shopping and the essential travel services you'll likely need and want including fuel, food, lodging, public telephones, restrooms and emergency services.

Highway 38 courses up and down and curves often -- that's part of its charm. Locals named it "Highway Loop-de-Loop" in the early days. As you drive the 47-mile Byway, be aware of the lower speed limits, other traffic on the highway and weather conditions. This is a working roadway with trucks carrying logs and other local products. Safety First!

Discover without destroying. Please don't litter or leave any items behind. Taking wild animals and plants will not only destroy fragile habitats but also may be illegal. And please respect private property along the Byway.


Let's live in harmony with nature -- it's a delicate balance.

So, welcome to a trip on The Edge.

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