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The Northern Itasca Joint Powers Board consists of...
Bigfork Valley Hospital District, Bigfork, Town of Bigfork,
Town of Marcell, Effie, and the Town of Stokes.

About the...Northern Itasca Joint Powers Board
The Northern Itasca Joint Powers Board is comprised of six units of government in northeast Minnesota within Itasca County. The communities associated with the board lie 225 miles north of Minneapolis/St. Paul and 135 miles west of the seaport of Lake Superior, Duluth. The population of the area, commonly referred to as the "Edge of the Wilderness", is relatively sparse, with approximately 2,000 people residing in total. The population increases during the summer months with an influx of seasonal residents drawn to the numerous lakes for which the area is noted.

Several years of tourist and residential expansion within these rural communities combined to produce an increased demand for goods and services for local citizens and visitors alike. These issues lead the five units of local government with responsibilities and ties to the Edge of the Wilderness to combine their efforts toward a consolidated governing body, the Northern Itasca Joint Powers Board. By combining efforts and pooling resources in an organized manner, a stronger sense of cohesiveness exists, which translates to a more powerful voice for the rural communities within a largely urban-influenced state government.

The principle mission of the Northern Itasca Joint Powers Board is to "retain the natural beauty of the area while progressing to provide our diverse population with opportunity, economic viability and a quality of life that will carry on into future generations".

Current Northern Itasca Joint Powers Board Members:

  1. Kim Haley - Chair, Bigfork Township

  2. Bryan Boone - Vice-Chair, City of Bigfork

  3. George Rounds - Secretary/Treasurer, Bigfork Valley Hospital

  4. Diane Coppens -  Marcell Township

  5. Don Pilola - Stokes Township

  6. Greta Drewlow - City of Effie

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